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Turn your WordPress media library to the next level with folders / categories. Get organized with thousands of images. Organize media into folders.

RML (Real Media Library) is one of the most wanted media
wordpress plugins
. It is easy to use and it allows you to organize
your thousands of images in folders. It is similar to wordpress categories like in the posts.

Use your mouse (or touch) to drag and drop your files.
Create, rename, delete or reorder your folders If you want to select a image from the “Select a image”-dialog (e. g. featured image) you can filter when inserting media. Just install this plugin and it works fine with all your image and media files. It also supports multisite.

The Real Media Library offers a very nice extensibility for other developers. For example you can also install a third-party plugin to create the folders physically on your FTP server (wp-content/uploads) or to synchronize folders with Lightroom. For more have a look at the Known extensions for RML.

If you buy, you get: Forever FREE updates and high quality and fast support.

Envato Market licensing: Extended license doesn’t cover multiple uses. You need to purchase a regular or an extended license for every site.

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Table of contents

What’s new?

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Product Description

WP Real Media Library is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily manage your media library in your blog. Using this plugin, you’ll be able to organize the thousands of images, audio, video, and PDF files in your media library in folders. Basically, it’s like WordPress categories for your media library.

Why do you need this plugin? Well, having a growing WordPress blog means that you’ll be adding a lot of new media files, like images, audio, and PDF, into your database every day. In a few weeks, your blog will be filled with thousands of media files. How are you going to find one of those files at a later time?

Of course, you can use the WordPress search function and spend a couple of hours finding a file, but who can even remember the names of thousands of files and what happens then?

That’s where the WP Real Media Library plugin comes in. With this plugin, you can easily create gallery folders for your images and normal folders for other media files to properly organize your media library. So that next time whenever you need to find a file, it’s only a mouse-click away.

Organizing your blog media files with WP Real Media Library plugin is as easy as dragging and dropping the files into folders. Then you can rearrange the order of your files by dragging them around to bring the important files to the top of the list for quicker access.

The Tree View of your folders will also make things easier for you to quickly find specific folders in a split-second.

In addition, you can use the WP Real Media Library plugin to insert media galleries to your posts directly from the WordPress ‘New Post’ editor. This will allow you to insert an entire media folder into your WordPress posts as a customizable gallery.

WP Real Media Library is a must-have WordPress plugin that will help save you a ton of time that goes into managing your media files.


  • WordPress 5.x / Gutenberg ready
  • Folders for the WordPress media library
  • Drag & Drop your files
  • Create shortcuts of files. Shortcuts doesn’t need any physical storage (0kb). Note also that the fields in the shortcuts can be different to the original file, for example “Title”, “Description” or “Caption”.
  • Full control for your folders in one toolbar (create, rename, delete)
  • Rearrange folders via drag&drop or by criterium (e. g. name ascending)
  • Bulk select folders and delete multiple folders at once
  • Filter in insert media dialog
  • Improved Uploader
  • Upload files directly to a folder
  • Create dynamic gallery from folder with Gutenberg block or shortcode
  • Order folder content via drag&drop or by criterium (date, name, …)
  • Fast navigatation to folders with fast folder search>
  • Translated into multiple languages
  • Import categories / folders from plugins like FileBird, WP Media Folder, Enhanced Media Library, Media Library Assistant and more
  • Compatible with Revolution Slider, WPML, PolyLang and so on
  • Works great on touch devices
  • Supports multisite
  • Forever free updates
  • GPDR / DSGVO: The plugin is collecting no personal data!
  • Compatible with brand+new Envato Elements


As you can see from the screenshots RML (Real Media Library) supports three different folder types:

  • The normal folder: A folder can contain every type of file and collections, but no galleries. If you want to create a subfolder simply select a folder from the list and click this button.
  • The collection: A collection can contain no files. But you can create there other collections and galleries. The mentioned above gallery is only a gallery data folder, that means they are not automatically in your frontend (your website).
    You can create a visual gallery from this gallery data folder via the Visual Editor in your page/post.
  • The gallery folder: A gallery data folder can only contain images. It is simplier for you to distinguish where your visual galleries are.
    You can also order the images into a custom image order per drag&drop.


Question? Write a comment here or have a look at the official RML FAQ

  • If I move images around in my folders will they still be referenced correctly on the frontend wordpress site?
    • Yes, do not worry about references.
  • How do I update to a newer version of RML?
    • After activating open the “License settings” in the plugins list item “WP Real Media Library” and enter the Envato purchase code that you get after the purchase. You do not see the “Enter license” link? Then you are using an old version (< 4.1.0) of Real Media Library. Please download the latest version from CodeCanyon, uninstall the old version and install the new one – your folders stay.
  • Is there a way to select multiple files to be put into a folder?
    • Just use the ‘bulk select’ Button in media grid. If you are using table mode check the entries and move.
  • When i create a post i want to select an image from a specific folder, can i do this with this plugin?
    • Yes, you can filter in a insert-dialog with the dropdown beside the search.
  • Why three different folder types?
    • This provides a better overview. You can simply distinguish where your image galleries are.
  • Does it work with my Revolution Slider?
    • Yes.
  • I have WPML installed, the number of images in the folder does not match the number of shown images?
    • Yes, in WPML you see your uploaded files depending on your current admin language. WPML says “This language selector determines which content to display. You can choose items in a specific language or in all languages.” > Set it to “All languages” in the admin toolbar.
  • Does the plugin work with my current images and files?
    • Yes, just install and play.
  • Does the plugin touch the file structure?
  • Does the plugin change the image URLs?
    • No.
  • Does it work with WooCommerce?
    • Yes.

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Installation and Compatibility

If you buy this item you will become an introduction how to install the plugin.

The real media library is compatible with all wordpress themes and plugins. For example: You bought a theme on themeforest like the X Theme, Avada, Bridge, Salient, Be Theme or Enfold? No Problem! It also works great with WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer), Justified Image Grid, Slider Revolution, Elementor, Beaver Builder, WPML, PolyLang, WooCommerce, DIVI Builder and so on….

Justified Image Grid

WordPress Real Media Library - Media Categories / Folders File Manager - 28

Justified Image Grid (external premium plugin): With the obvious visual advantage of JIG, a more important feature was created. The ability to show and traverse from any selected point of the RML tree. You can select folders and collections to display, not just galleries. JIG creates virtual pages according to the tree and allows navigation using a breadcrumb.
Learn more

Physical Custom Upload Folder

WordPress Real Media Library - Media Categories / Folders File Manager - 29

Do you know the wp-content/uploads folder? There, the files are stored in year/month based folders. This can be a very complicated and mass process, especially when you are working with a FTP client like FileZilla.
Learn more

WP/LR Lightroom

WordPress Real Media Library - Media Categories / Folders File Manager - 30

WP/LR Sync is a Lightroom Publish Service for WordPress. It helps you to publish / export your photos and collections to WordPress and to keep them synchronized. Any changes on your photos (including your metadata) or your collections will trigger a re-publish. Your website will be always in sync with your Lightroom.
Learn more

WordPress Real Media Library - Media Categories / Folders File Manager - 31

Global Gallery is a responsive gallery plugin for WordPress. Global Gallery handles unlimited image sources and comes with Four gallery layouts, ten lightboxes ready to use and is designed to be displayed on each device. It comes with fully featured slider and carousel.. and much much more!
Learn more

All known extensions

You are a developer and want to extend RML yourself?

RML provides a well documented API, you can find it here. You also can join MatthiasWeb Slack channel to chat with the RML developer.

You can use the following image as icon or banner if you built an add-on:

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We guarantee high quality products and support!

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WordPress Real Media Library - Media Categories / Folders File Manager - 40


07 September 2019 - Version 4.5.4 Hotfix
- Fixed bug with PHP 7.2.7

07 September 2019 - Version 4.5.3
- Fixed bug with WP 5.2.2 when uploading a file directly to a folder
- Fixed bug with custom order when used a "orderby" clause before
- (developers only) Extend core WP REST API /wp-json/wp/v2/media to fetch RML specific data
- (developers only) Added RML/Item/DragDrop and RML/Folder/OrderBy action

09 August 2019 - Version 4.5.2
- Improved compatibility with Beaver Builder
- Fixed bug with Flatsome UX Page builder when the folder dropdown shows no content
- Fixed bug with SuperPWA wordpress plugin (cache)
- Fixed bug with Avada 6.0 and Fusion Builder Live
- Fixed bug with search box height in some cases that it needed too much space
- (developers only) Added filter RML/Tree/Parsed so you can for example hide folders
- (developers only) Added filter RML/Scripts/Skip to skip assets loading for given pages
- (developers only) Fixed bug when uploading a file to a specific folder which is generated through filter
- (developers only) Fixed bug with logged Notice in folder shortcode

10 June 2019 - Version 4.5.1
- Fixed bug with Gutenberg "Gallery" block and the folder sidebar
- Fixed bug with folder selector, use modal dialog instead
- Fixed bug with snax plugin frontend submission uploader
- Improved "Add new" button with preselection in uploader

07 May 2019 - Version 4.5.0
- Added multi toolbar action "Delete" when multiple folders are checked
- Added compatibility with "Export Media Library" plugin: Download a folder as .zip
- Fixed bug with limited image amount in Gutenberg block
- (developers only) Now you can add multi toolbar actions (when multiple nodes are selected)

27 April 2019 - Version 4.4.1
- Added feature to show SVG images in media library as image and not a generic icon
- Fixed count cache in list mode
- Fixed bug with Real Physical Media when queue is not filled in automatic mode when tree node is relocated
- (developers only) Improved API function wp_rml_create_all_children_sql() with MySQL UDF and legacy fallback

13 April 2019 - Version 4.4.0
- Added sort menu for subfolders so you can order subfolders alphabetically
- Added "title" attribute to tree node for accessibility
- Added ability to cancel uploads
- Fixed bug with uploader showing more then one upload message (with spinner)
- Fixed bug with item click on touch devices does not open links / dialogs
- Fixed bug in "Replace image" dialog
- Fixed bug in custom content order when navigating back to All files

19 March 2019 - Version 4.3.0
- Added button to expand/collapse all node items
- Added option while holding CTRL while creating a new folder you can bulk insert folders
- Added option to rearrange a folder manually by selecting the parent folder and next sibling
- Improved user settings / folder details dialog
- Improved dropdown when selecting a folder (e. g. Media > Add new) with searchbar
- Improved dark mode
- Fixed bug with edit dialog in portfolio image gallery in Glazov theme
- Fixed bug with domains with umlauts
- Fixed bug with Divi Builder (wrong dependency registered for script)
- (developers only) Added API function wp_rml_selector() for a dropdown

02 February 2018 - Version 4.2.0
- Added Gutenberg block to create a dynamic gallery (shortcode still works)
- Fixed bug with Gutenberg edit dialog
- Fixed bug with Ninja Table Pro and edit "Add media" dialog
- Fixed bug with admin notice when using PHP version < 5.4
- Fixed bug with frontend loading and "Upload to folder" dropdown (e.g. Marketplace vendor plugins)

23 January 2019 - Version 4.1.1
- Added Material WP compatibility
- Added new order: Order by date (ascending, descending)
- Added Polish translation
- Fixed bug with custom order when editing a detail in the media dialog
- Fixed bug with ACF when editing an image field
- Fixed bug with PHP 5.4 and autoupdater
- Fixed bug with PHP 7.3 (deprecation notice in error log)
- Improved compatibility with Trive Quiz Builder

10 December 2018 - Version 4.1.0
- Added auto update functionality
- Fixed bug with german translations
- Fixed bug with with Thrive Architect page builder
- Reduced installable .zip file size
- (developers only) Improved performance for JS and CSS resources / assets

07 December 2018 - Version 4.0.10
- Fixed bug with hierarchical SQL queries and MariaDB database system
- (developers only) Fixed bug with wp_attachment_get_shortcuts() API function

27 November 2018 - Version 4.0.9
- Fixed bug with option to hide shortcuts in All files view
- Fixed bug with slow environments / pcs and big admin pages
- Fixed bug with bulk select in grid mode and unnecessary server requests

04 November 2018 - Version 4.0.8
- Added option to hide shortcuts in All files view
- Added compatibility with Slick slider plugin and other gallery shortcodes which use the standard gallery shortcode
- Improved load time when opening a custom ordered folder
- PHP 5.4 is now minimum required PHP version (legacy version 4.0.7 for PHP 5.3 support added to download package)
- Fixed bug with "Edit gallery" dialog when entering in an ordered folder
- Fixed bug with ordered images when switching back to "All files"
- Fixed bug with bulk select and delete when using the grid view (performance)
- Fixed bug with wrong breadcrumb in media details dialog
- Fixed bug with The Grid and RML modal dialog (folders not visible)
- Fixed bug with WPML and custom order content
- Fixed bug with last queried folder (HTTP header error)
- Fixed bug with picu Plugin

08 September 2018 - Version 4.0.7
- Added russian translation (thanks to Антон)
- Added compatibility for Tailor page builder
- Fixed bug with WPML: WPML Media translation add-on is no longer needed
- Fixed bug with Divi Builder in frontend-editing
- Fixed bug with debugging the plugin with debug option in media settings
- Fixed bug with ACF edit screen
- Fixed bug with new created folders and droppable attachment
- (developers only) Added a few new PHP actions / hooks (see API documentation)

11 August 2018 - Version 4.0.6
- Improved cover image metabox (removable with preview)
- Improved german translation
- Fixed bug with Divi Page builder and the gallery module
- Fixed bug with folder sorting (error handling)
- Fixed bug with missing resources when developer tools are opened (source maps)

03 August 2018 - Version 4.0.5
- Fixed save bug with last queried folder on NGINX envs
- Fixed bug with "Plain" permalink structure
- Fixed bug with non-multiple browser uploader and media assignment to folder
- Fixed bug with floating sidebar when scrolling and the first three folders are invisible
- Fixed bug with collapsable/expandable folders

20 July 2018 - Version 4.0.4
- Improved dark mode compatibility (meta box)
- Improved error handling with plugins like Clearfy
- Fixed bug in media modal when changing the tab to "Upload"
- Fixed bug with X Pro Theme / Cornerstone
- Fixed bug with PHP 5.3
- Fixed bug with WPML v4 "All files" counter
- Fixed bug with non-SSL API root urls
- Fixed bug with pagination in list mode after switching folder
- Fixed bug with cover image in list mode
- (developers only) Fixed bug with Gutenberg 3.1.x (https://git.io/f4SXU)
- (developers only) Removed unnecessary server request at startup

15 June 2018 - Version 4.0.3
- Added compatibility with WP Dark Mode plugin
- Fixed bug with XML/RPC requests when using WP/LR extension
- (developers only) Removed one unusued script (immer)
- (developers only) Use global WP REST API parameters instead of DELETE / PUT

11 June 2018 - Version 4.0.2
- Added help message if WP REST API is not reachable through HTTP verbs
- Fixed bug with scroll container in media modal in IE/Edge/Firefox
- Fixed bug with custom content ordering
- Fixed bug with older MySQL systems or non-InnoDB engines
- Fixed bug with count cache when using REST API
- Improved scroll behavior in main media library page
- Improved mass delete process of attachments to avoid too many requests
- Prepared the plugin for the new WP/LR extension (Adobe Lightroom sync)
- (developers only) Added action RML/Creatable/Register
- (developers only) Fixed bug with RML/Active filter
- (developers only) Fixed bug with creatables which are no longer registered
- (developers only) Improved debug mode in media settings

4 June 2018 - Version 4.0.1
- Fixed bug with spinning loader when permalink structure is "Plain"
- Fixed bug with WPML when using another language within WP admin as default
- Fixed bug with german translation
- Fixed bug with modal in Avada Theme options
- Fixed bug with IE11/Edge browser

31 May 2018 - Version 4.0.0
- Complete code rewrite
- ... Same functionality with improved performance
- ... with an eye on smooth user interface and experience
- Improved performance when opening the media library in grid mode
- Removed option in media settings to reset a single folder attachment order
- (developers only) Removed API function wp_rml_select_tree
- (developers only) Removed filters RML/Folder/TreeNodeLi/Class, RML/Folder/TreeNode/Class, RML/Folder/TreeNode/Content, RML/Folder/TreeNode/Href
- (developers only) Rewrite the plugin to WP REST API, ReactJS, Mobx-State-Tree
- (developers only) Changed IUserSettings/IMetadata interface method save()

03 May 2018 - Version 3.4.8
- Added Right-to-left support (RTL)

12 April 2018 - Version 3.4.7
- Improved performance when opening the media library with lots of folders
- Added lazy loading of folders in attachment details folder dropdown
- Fixed bug with WPML languages like Portuguese (Brazil) and Portuguese (Portugal)

07 April 2018 - Version 3.4.6
- Improved shortcut generation: Caption and description are also copied (Alt text if image)
- Fixed bug with lost selection when opening the media modal dialog

05 March 2018 - Version 3.4.5 HOTFIX
- Fixed bug with WPML multisite usage regarding folder count

02 March 2018 - Version 3.4.4
- Improved delete dialog with selected folder name
- Fixed bug with folder counter when WPML is active
- Fixed bug when moving a file to "/ Unorganized" the list is updated now correctly
- Fixed bug with bulk select deletion and switching folder in grid mode
- Fixed bug with PHP 7.2.2

16 January 2018 - Version 3.4.3
- Improved uploading process / performance
- Fixed bug with uploader when uploading to "All files"
- Fixed bug when moving files from "All files" to another target

17 December 2017 - Version 3.4.2
- Fixed bug with F&O theme
- (developers only) Fixed bug with new PHP version 7.2

06 December 2017 - Version 3.4.1
- (developers only) Fixed bug while installation process when creating database tables

05 December 2017 - Version 3.4
- Added functionality to Import / Export folder hierarchy
- Added functionality to Import an registered taxonomy with attachment relations
- Improved touch experience, added scrollbar in media picker to avoid drag&drop attachments
- Fixed bug with search bar when folders were not found
- Fixed bug with query links
- (developers only) Fixed bug with Database updates caused by dbDelta

31 October 2017 - Version 3.3.2 HOTFIX
- Fixed bug after creating a new post the nodes are not clickable

27 October 2017 - Version 3.3.1
- Fixed bug with Unorganized folder in attachments dialog
- Fixed bug with toolbar buttons
- Fixed bug with touch devices (no dropdown was touchable)
- (developers only) Added filters for structure operations, and created Interface for structure classes
- (developers only) Fixed bug for all parents getter API function
- (developers only) Improved code quality
- (developers only) Removed filters RML/Tree/QueryCount

22 October 2017 - Version 3.3
- Added ability to expand/collapse the complete sidebar by doubleclick the resize button
- Added option to allow automatically order a folder by a given criterium
- Added "General" tabs in folder details settings (developers are now able to add own tabs)
- Improved: Update the columns width in grid mode while resizing the sidebar
- Fixed bug with wrong characters in gallery shortcode generator dialog
- Fixed bug with Inbound Now PRO plugin dialogs
- Fixed style bug with uploader in modal window
- Fixed bug with ESC key in rename mode
- Fixed bug with creating a new folder and switch back to previous
- (developers only) Added owner/creator field for a folder
- (developers only) Added option to reset the folder names, slugs and absolute pathes
- (developers only) Added API functions to get all parents of a folder (additionally add metadata condition)
- (developers only) Added API functions to get all children of a folder (additionally add metadata condition)
- (developers only) Added hooks to allow "Apply to subfolder" mechanism after moving files to a folder
- (developers only) Improved the save of localStorage items within one row per tree instance
- (developers only) Improved the way of generating unique slugs
- (developers only) Fixed bug with font awesome handler in wordpress style enqueue logic

23 August 2017 - Version 3.2.2
- Fixed bug with IE 11 when folder structure does not show up
- Updated icon font (Font Awesome 4.3 to 4.7)

11 August 2017 - Version 3.2.1 HOTFIX
- Fixed bug with refresh button in folder tree

11 August 2017 - Version 3.2
- New free Add-On "Default Startup Folder for Real Media Library"
- Added external link to "Browse Add-Ons"
- Added ability to add user options (for Add-ons)
- Added compatibility for Cornerstone page builder plugin
- Fixed bug with modal window when opening the same again
- (developers only) Added new filters to support the default wordpress media library extension plugin
- (developers only) Added PHPDoc for API
- (developers only) Added Hooks (Filter & Actions) Documentation
- (developers only) Improved and renamed/refactored the events of JS hooks
- (developers only) Improved the debug log
- (developers only) Improved the generation and registration of minified scripts
- (developers only) Fixed bug with localized Javascript object
- (developers only) Fixed bug with slug regeneration when folder is moved
- (developers only) Fixed bug with meta data for Unorganized folder

04 July 2017 - Version 3.1.3
- Fixed bug with gallery shortcode when the message occurs "Headers already sent[...]"
- Fixed bug with sticky header in insert media dialog

24 June 2017 - Version 3.1.2
- Improved the "Add new" in media library to preselect the last queried folder
- Fixed bug with some browsers when local storage is disabled
- (developers only) Improved the wp_rml_dropdown() function to support multiple selected folders

10 June 2017 - Version 3.1.1
- Added full compatibility with WordPress 4.8
- Improved english / german localization
- Fixed bug with search field in IE

08 June 2017 - Version 3.1
- Added ESC to close the rename folder action
- Added F2 handler to rename a folder
- Added double click event to open folder
- Added search input field for folders
- Added full compatibility with Elementor page builder
- Improved rearrange mode
- Improved performance on media library initial startup / load screen
- Improved uploader for large amount of uploads
- Fixed bug with icons in BeaverBuilder
- Fixed bug with multiple media modal dialogs (improved user experience) and expander
- Fixed bug with ACF media picker and duplicate shortcut info
- Fixed bug with rearrange mode in media modal view
- Fixed bug with Enhanced Media Library representation

09 May 2017 - Version 3.0.2
- Added title attribute on folder hover (for long names)
- Fixed bug in customizer while folder structure is not displayed
- Fixed bug with multiple media modal's after switching the folder
- Fixed bug with Advanced Custom Fields when using the image picker modal
- Added compatibility for Tatsu Page Builder (Oshine Theme)

22 April 2017 - Version 3.0.1
- Fixed bug with attachment details, on some browsers the dropdowns were not clickable
- Added a message strip to the plugins page to show MatthiasWeb plugins

20 April 2017 - Version 3.0
- Added feature to create shortcuts and put images in multiple folders, like you already know from your operating system
- Removed popups
- Fixed bug with changing the folder location in grid view attachment details dialog
- Fixed bug with Polylang while moving a translation file
- Fixed bug with WPML while moving a translation file
- Fixed bug with count cache after uploading a new file
- Fixed performance bug with the count cache
- (developers only) Added API function wp_rml_create_shortcuts()
- (developers only) Added API function wp_rml_created_shortcuts_last_ids()
- (developers only) Added API function wp_attachment_ensure_source_file()
- (developers only) Added API function wp_attachment_has_shortcuts()
- (developers only) Added API function wp_attachment_get_shortcuts()
- (developers only) Added API function wp_attachment_is_shortcut()

25 March 2017 - Version 2.8.6 HOTFIX
- Fixed bug with PHP < 5.6

24 March 2017 - Version 2.8.5
- Fixed bug with styles and scripts
- Fixed bug with rearrange
- (developers only) Minify scripts / css for prepared shortcut functionality

22 March 2017 - Version 2.8.4
- Added https://matthias-web.com as author url
- Improved the way of rearrange mode, the folders gets expand after 700ms of hover
- Fixed bugs with absolute pathes and slugs of folders, if you have problems, please rename the first level folders to regenerate
- (developers only) Added getPlain() method to IFolder interface to get a normal array for the folder properties
- (developers only) Prepared readable REST API for folders

14 February 2017 - Version 2.8.3
- Added new permission "par" to restrict the change of parent folder
- Fixed bug with korean characters in folder names
- Removed icon when a folder has a restriction (WP/LR)
- (developers only) Added api/IFolder.interface.php and more API functions
- (developers only) Improved the OOP: Added getters/setters
- (developers only) Improved code quality by using own API functions

03 February 2017 - Version 2.8.2
- Fixed bug with migration in multisite installations
- Fixed bug with Facebook hint in plugins site
- (developers only) Fixed XSS vulnerability (this bug can only be used by folder creators, no visitors)
- (developers only) Fixed bug with MLA class dependency

20 January 2017 - Version 2.8.1
- Added v2.7.2 stable for older PHP versions to the codecanyon download files
- Fixed bug with permission system for WP/LR extension
- Fixed bug with the migration system for WP multisite

15 January 2017 - Version 2.8
- Added more useful error messages when changing the hierarchical order of the folders
- Added confirm dialog when you sort the files inside the folder
- Improved the performance
- Improved the way of relocating the folder tree (immediatly saved after relocating)
- Improved the way of sortable folder content (galleries), now it is possible to reorder files in every folder
- Improved naming of folders, every character is now allowed, the folder name is sanitized
- Improved the folder metadata dialog and refresh the view if needed (button click in dialog)
- Fixed bug while uploading a new plugin .zip file
- (developers only) Added autoloading for php classes
- (developers only) Added namespaces for php classes
- (developers only) Added new abstract class for Creatable's (folders, collections, galleries, ...)
- (developers only) Added new abstract class for Sortable's (folders, collections, galleries, ...) extends Creatable's
- (developers only) Added folderRoot as own class
- (developers only) Added debug mode, define('WP_DEBUG', true); and define('SCRIPT_DEBUG', true); in wp-config.php
- (developers only) Added visible debug mode in options panel
- (developers only) Added API function wp_rml_create_or_return_existing_id()
- (developers only) Added API function wp_rml_structure_reset()
- (developers only) Added admin notice for when you have PHP Version < 5.3.0
- (developers only) Improved the whole API and added wp_rml_get_object_by_id() to get folder object
- (developers only) Improved the split between Structure and CountCache (php classes)
- (developers only) Improved the php code quality
- (developers only) Removed the database table wp_realmedialibrary_order, merged with wp_realmedialibrary_posts
- (developers only) Removed unnecessary sql query in pre_get_posts
- (developers only) Removed bid columns in database tables and added new index

10 December 2016 - Version 2.7.2
- Added option to reset the count cache
- Fixed bug with upload in modal window
- Fixed count cache when moving from Unorganized to folder

05 December 2016 - Version 2.7.1
- Added the MatthiasWeb promotion dialog
- Fixed bug with IE8
- Fixed bug with TinyMCE editor shortcode dialog

24 November 2016 - Version 2.7
- Added natural filename sort of folders (thanks to KorbinianT)
- Added lazy loading to folder tree, now it is only loaded from server when needed
- Added: You can now directly upload files to a folder with a dropdown selection in media modal and "Add Media" page
- Fixed bug with migration on multisite installation
- Fixed bug with modal views, now it also supports lazy loading
- Fixed bug with attachment movement helper (Move x file)
- Fxied bug with plugin "Visual Composer Extensions All In One" and the tooltips
- Improved the changelog file
- (developers only) Improved the actions RML/Folder/Deleted|Renamed|Moved
- (developers only) Fixed bug with jQuery AIO tree version when RCM is enabled
- (developers only) Fixed bug with api method wp_attachment_folder and the default value
- (developers only) Fixed bug with creating a new folder with new order number
- (developers only) Prepare RML for Physical Press plugin and avoid folder names "." and ".."

26 October 2016 - Version 2.6.5
- Fixed bug with Justified Image Grid
- Fixed bug with migration system, no image relationships were imported

21 October 2016 - Version 2.6.4
- Fixed bug while wipe of folders in multisite installation
- Fixed bug after save in attachment details
- Fixed problem with negative -1 count
- Fixed bug when switching folder when on page 2 in table mode
- Improved tabs in options panel of RML media options
- Improved the delete behaviour of folder (files will be moved to unorganized)
- (developers only) Added a migration system for further updates
- (developers only) Added filter for parent root folder id (Default -1)
- (developers only) Fixed the usage of switch_to_blog together with api functions
- (developers only) Improved some CSS experiences (loader)
- (developers only) Improved the save point of relationship between folder and post (own database table for relationships)

25 September 2016 - Version 2.6.3
- Improved some CSS
- Fixed bug while bulk select and moving files
- Fixed bug with reopening a media select dialog
- Fixed bug with Avia / Enfold page builder
- Fixed bug with reordering the gallery data folder
- Removed deprecated ressource files

16 September 2016 - Version 2.6.2 HOTFIX
- Fixed database tables are not generated, now they are

16 September 2016 - Version 2.6.1 HOTFIX
- (developers only) Fixed options bug while accessing other pages

15 September 2016 - Version 2.6
- Added full compatibility with WP/LR Lightroom plugin
- Added minified scripts / styles
- Added option to apply an order by title, filename, ID to gallery data folders
- Added option to disable scripts/styles on frontend viewing
- Added finnish translation (Thanks to Antti!)
- Fixed Enfold / Avia media picker bug (Thanks to Josh!)
- Fixed Thickbox bug while logged out
- Improved load performance
- Improved the order for gallery data folders
- (developers only) Added option for folders "restrict"
- (developers only) Added a minified permission system so 3rd party plugins can restrict folders interactions

19 August 2016 - Version 2.5.5
- Fixed capability bug while logged out
- (developers only) Added Javascript polyfill's to avoid browser incompatibility
- (developers only) Fixed bug for crashed safari browser

08 August 2016 - Version 2.5.4
- Added option to remove advertisement links
- Fixed "Edit selection" bug while inserting media to post

21 July 2016 - Version 2.5.3
- (developers only) Fixed media.comparator bug
- (developers only) Fixed bugs with Easy Digital Downloads plugin
- (developers only) Fixed String.prototype problems

11 July 2016 - Version 2.5.2
- Added fixed toolbar while scrolling in media library
- Fixed problems with plugin "Formidable Forms"
- Fixed resize bug
- (developers only) Fixed WP query database notices in error log
- (developers only) Fixed count bug when many folders exist (performed SQL statement)
- (developers only) Improved API, wp_rml_create() now returns false or a string error array, on success it return an int (ID)

10 July 2016 - Version 2.5.1 HOTFIX
- Fixed shortcode builder [folder-gallery] did not work

03 July 2016 - Version 2.5
- Added folder tree to insert media dialog
- (developers only) Complete recoding of javascript code

20 June 2016 - Version 2.4.2
- Fixed TinyMCE bug when not admin
- Fixed style issues
- (developers only) Fixed PHP < 5.3 Bug with func_get_args

20 March 2016 - Version 2.4.1 HOTFIX
- Fixed website is empty because javascript occurs an error

10 March 2016 - Version 2.4
- Added "Reamining time" and bytes/s in uploader
- Added order mode in galleries
- Added warning when moving files from "All Files"
- Improved move in table list mode (no page refresh)
- Improved ux styling (uploader, tree, tree in upload media dialog)
- Improved options panel in Settings > Media
- Fixed theme preview when plugin is active
- Fixed hidden folder nodes on safari browser
- Fixed usage of front-end editor in BeaverBuilder and Visual Composer
- (developers only) Added custom fields (meta data) for folders (see inc/api/meta.php)
- (developers only) Added custom field: cover image + description (not activated as standard, used in JIG)
- (developers only) Fixed admin_footer problem when a plugin removes styles and javascript of RML
- (developers only) Fixed database queries to avoid long load time on dashboard
- (developers only) Fixed bug pre_get_posts

10 March 2016 - Version 2.3
- Added compatibility with JUSTIFIED IMAGE GRID
- Added resizable container width
- Added option to wipe all settings and releations
- Added spanish translation - by Ana Ayelén Martínez. http://caribdisweb.com/
- Fixed edit mode when creating a new folder
- Fixed default order in folder gallery
- Fixed UX bugs (draggable, droppable, sortable)
- Fixed sticky sidebar
- (developers only) Added "slug" and "absolute" to database table
- (developers only) Added / updated api

26 Feburary 2016 - Version 2.2.3
- Added Finnish translation (thanks to palvelu)
- Added more attractive alerts and prompt windows
- Fixed visual bugs
- Fixed delete bug => when folder is deleted, switch view to root
- Fixed upload percentage issue
- Fixed live update of folder count
- Fixed upload in "Insert media" dialog => file is now in correct folder
- Fixed drag and drop experience
- Moved folder gallery button above visual editor into visual editor
- (developers only) added more actions and filters
- (developers only) added javascript actions (window.rml.hooks)
- (developers only) changed javascript function names
- (developers only) changed localize javascript variables

20 January 2016 - Version 2.2.2 HOTFIX
- Bugfix error in creating a folder gallery

17 January 2016 - Version 2.2.1
- Added facebook advert on plugin activation
- Improved restyled upload window
- Fixed font awesome bug
- (developers only) added filters and actions
- (developers only) added three more api functions

29 December - Version 2.2
- Added sticky container when scrolling
- Added collection and galleries folder types
- Added collapsable folders
- Added left infos about folder structure
- Added option to hide upload preview (for slow loading pc's)
- Fixed conditional tag to create / sort items
- Fixed count bug (WPML)
- Fixed duplicate name
- (developers only) Added API functions (look inc/api/)
- (developers only) Outsourced javascript functions
- (developers only) Fixed AJAX bug
- (developers only) PHP Code rewritten (better split in view and structure)
- (developers only) PHP Code documentation improved

22 November - Version 2.1.2
- Added french translation (thanks to Youpain)
- Fixed rename bug
- Fixed count bug when WPML in usage

13 November 2015 - Version 2.1.1
- (developers only) Removed unnecessary code
- (developers only) Fixed jquery conflict

07 November 2015 - Version 2.1
- Added multisite compatibility
- Fixed correct sorting (not alphabetic)

03 November 15 - Version 2.0
- (developers only) Support PHP version < 5.4

02 November 15 - Version 1.3
- Added nice uploading to folder

29 October 15 - Version 1.2
- Added notice about the alphabetic sorting
- (developers only) Fixed problems with RevSlider >= 5.0
- (developers only) Fixed body class for grid mode (added Javascript methode)

21 October 15 - Version 1.1
- Fixed moving in list table
- Fixed style (drag and drop helper)
- Removed limit of folder gallery images
- (developers only) Fixed pre_get_posts appending meta_query
- (developers only) Added pre_get_posts capability check

16 October 15 - Version 1.0.1
- Improved rename without window reload
- Improved delete without window reload
- Fixed https:// resources for css and js files

9 October 2015 - Version 1.0
- Initial Release

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